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I’ve spent the better part of 25 years in the world of hospitality and destination marketing — most of it in the global meetings and events community — and will offer four foundational thoughts as I kick-off this BLOG for anyone who is a destination marketer, relies on effective destination marketing to drive their business/create community legacies or depends on destination marketing to make informed travel-related decisions for tourism/meeting and event travel:

  1. Destination marketing is a crucial element to grow and sustain the inherent social and economic legacies generated by the global tourism and events industries.
  2. EVERYONE has an opinion on destination marketing.
  3. Much of today’s legacy destination and travel marketing practices are increasingly ineffective and a waste of money, depriving businesses and brands everywhere from realizing their full potential as tourism or event destinations.
  4. Destinations and tourism/travel brands that embrace the opportunities presented by today’s ubiquitous disruption are outperforming their competitors.

I will strive here to showcase the hackers, the disruptors and the innovators that have recognized that destination marketing today needs to be turned on its head to make a real difference and are boldly going where few dare. Recognition is not enough however. It needs to be accompanied with the courage to act. That’s where it gets difficult.


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